1.  Requirements


A PC with the following features:

• The Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows 2000 

  Operating System

• A Universal Serial Bus (USB) port


CAC Card should include 3 certificates - You must know your PIN number

·        Encryption

·        Identity

·        Signature


If you do not have all three certificates or you cannot remember your PIN number you will have to revisit the issuing agency to have the PIN number reset.





To install a smart card reader, follow the steps outlined below. Very old PC/SC drivers may not be compatible with more recent drivers.


Important: Do not connect your reader before installing the ActivCard middleware from CD.



Step 1.   Click on Start/ Run to access your CD-Rom drive




Click on the Browse button






Select Install Root_V205 (batch file) from CD and click Open















Then Click and highlight InstallRoot.Exe and click open






Click OK and the batch file will run














Click on the Enter key to complete this process



Step 2.  Next Install ACTIVCARD 2.2


            Insert ActivCard 2.2 CD in the CD Rom Drive and wait for program to

           Launch and then Click on Install Product.






Click NEXT to begin ActivCard Gold InstallShield





Click “I Accept the terms in the agreement” and then Click NEXT



Click NEXT to accept customer information or type customer information





Select and Choose TYPICAL setup and Click NEXT




Now Click INSTALL to begin installation





ActivCard Gold is now being installed




   Click Finish to complete installation for ActivCard Gold 2.2






Step 3.  Hook up ActivCard device to USB port on PC or if you have a serial reader, connect the power cable into the keyboard port of your computer; connect the keyboard into the piggyback connector.














Click NEXT to install device driver for the hardware






Click NEXT to start wizard search for driver




Click NEXT to start search for hardware device



Floppy disk drives may or may not be checked and/or available

Deselect the check box for Floppy disk drives if necessary and ensure check box

For CD-ROM drives is selected




















Click NEXT to install driver files for hardware device



Click Finish to complete installation for the ActivCard device.





Then Click START/SHUTDOWN and select Restart to restart your computer


When the computer starts back up you will notice a slight change in the Windows Logon Screen.  The logon screen will now state ‘Insert Card or press Ctrl-Alt-Delete’ to begin.


Select Ctrl-Alt-Delete and log on as normal.



Step 4. Validate installation of hardware/software


 Launch the ActivCard Gold Utilities






 Insert CAC card into reader when prompted



After CAC Card has been inserted into Smart Card Reader, the message below will appear. Click OK to Continue






Enter the PIN number when prompted




Click and highlight the Digital Certificate folder (You should have three

Certificates (Encryption, Identity and Signature)






Next Click TOOLS and then Click REGISTER CERTIFICATES to install your certificates



Click YES to allow your computer to store certificates




Click OK to complete Identity certificate install.  Repeat steps for Encryption and Signature certificates